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EMS - Energy Management and Control System

a built-in system that replaces the traditional outsourced/external BMS, including an energy meter for direct measuring and recording electric energy in real-time and a gateway for remote control.


”Variable MultRi Fluid” total HVAC concept to provide Simultaneously heating, cooling and 100% fresh air (Ventilation) within an ambient temperature range of -30oC to +50oC with only one external unit (VMF)


High efficiency electronic recirculation pump(s)


Internal Hydraulic Unit that transfers the cool/heat energy of the refrigerant into water


Radiant Heating/Cooling Panels - 100% hygienic Gentle radiant heating and pleasant cooling, providing consistent temperatures without draughts.


Learn more about what the main advantages of hybrid HVAC solutions for fresh air treatment
  • 3E Concept
  • Variable MulTri fluid Concept
  • All in One
  • 100% Factory Tested

1е - Every Climate – from -30°C to +50°C 2е - Every Application – suitable for every application where cooling, heating and 100% fresh air is needed: 3е - Every Installation - suitable for all types of mounting, indoor (machinery rooms, technical floors, etc.) and outdoor

Variable refrigerant flow, variable water flow and variable air flow.

A multifunctional concept for total HVAC (tHVAC), that provides cooling, heating and 100% fresh air simultaneously with only 1 external package unit (mono-block)

High reliability and reduced installation costs, achieved by 100% factory tests - each unit (VMF and IHU) is tested under factory conditions.

The test includes:
 -  Leakage and Pressure check
 -  Vacuuming and loading the VMF unit with refrigerant
 -  Functional testing of all fans and compressors
 -  Vibrations
 -  Loading the controller's software
 -  Temperature and pressure checks
 -  Setting up the required air flow
 -  Recording all parameters of the unit on a test list


Take a look at the improved technology

  • Installed Power Input - 25% - 50% less than any known system (VRF + AHU)
  • Accumulation capability of water brings up to 25-30% additional energy savings and even higher SCOP/SEER
  • “Floating” setpoint according to Troom and Tambient brings additional energy savings and even higher SCOP/SEER
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling in different rooms
  • Smoother capacity control down to 7-10% of maximum capacity
  • Noise Level 4 to 6 dB lower compared to the top VRF’s
  • NO CO2 control in the rooms! Always works at maximum fresh air quantity


  • Initial Investment costs
  • Installation costs and labor
  • Installed electric power
  • Energy and Exploitation Costs
  • Service and Maintenance Costs
  • Time
  • Space
  • BMS

In comparison to conventional HVAC equipment, VMF reduces the investment costs by removing the need for: radiators/fan coils/cassettes, boilers, chillers/VRF systems and more.

Being 100% Factory testedVMF reduces significant part of the labor costs.

VMF has not only 15-30 % less Power Input (kW) compared to traditional systems (VRF + AHU), but also 15-30% less demanded installed electric power - extremely important for every owner!

Providing COP/EERnet = 5÷10, ensures the lowest possible energy costs for HVAC (EUR/kWh).

Maintaining only one unit instead of several significantly reduces the maintenance cost. Filters are the only components that need to be checked, cleaned, and replaced.

It saves time in designing, installation works, start-up and commissioning, service and maintenance, etc...

With a size like any standard ventilation unit, VMF saves up to 50% footprint, being the only external unit of the whole tHVAC concept.

Our built-in/integrated Energy Management System (EMS) completely removes the need of BMS in its HVAC part.

Capital Cost Comparison

VMF - A multifunctional concept for total HVAC (tHVAC), that provides cooling, heating and 100% fresh air simultaneously with only 1 external package unit (mono-block)

Traditional systems
  • AHU with DX/water section
  • Outside mounted air-cooled heat pump or VRF
  • Boiler for the water systems – for working on very low outside temperatures
  • Extra Labor
  • Common automation and controlling system
  • Higher installed power electricity capacity – higher costs for wiring
  • Higher BMS costs – two or more systems
  • More space for installation

Technical data

All max.e units are subject of continuing improvement and future development! Following its policy of continuous improvement, Damvent Ltd. reserves the right to make any further changes without the need to inform its customers and partners! Damvent shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses, expenses, costs, or damages of whatsoever nature, arising out of or resulting from the use of any technical data, drawing or selection software available on this website.

Model VMF 03/02 VMF 06/04

 (1) Cooling: Twater,in=10ºCDB; outdoor temp. 35ºCDB; equivalent piping length: 5m; level difference: 0m            
 (2) Heating: Twater,in= 38ºCDB; outdoor temp. 7ºCDB, 6ºCWB; equivalent refrigerant piping: 5m; level difference: 0m            
 (3) Cooling: T/RHoutdoor=35oC/40%; T/RHindoor=24oC/50%            
 (4) Heating: Outdoor temp. 7ºCDB, 6ºCWB; T/RHindoor=22oC/30%            
 (5) The STANDARD ESEER value corresponds with normal VMF operation, not taking into account advanced energy saving operation functionality ( variable/floating water set point control operation)             
 (6) The AUTOMATIC SEER value corresponds with normal VMF operation, taking into account advanced energy saving operation functionality            
** Axial fans only            

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