EUC Lille Balt, 2 Teknikervej str

EUC Lille Balt, 2 Teknikervej str

Fredericia, Denmark

New hybrid HVAC solution at EUC Lillebaelt in Denmark, that saves energy, reduces operating costs and improves indoor climate.

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Used products

  • 1 x max.e3-06

    Total treated airflow - 6 000 m3/h

EUC Lillebaelt (Vocational Training Centre Lillebaelt) is a modern vocational training centre, which was established in 1982. Also as Fredericia-Middelfart Technical College it offers vocational training within Transport and Logistics; Production and Development; Electrics, Control and IT; Mechanics; Building etc.

We all know that the constant supply of fresh and clean air is crucial for the proper functioning of our brains, especially in closed spaces where there is an educational process going on as in the case with EUC Lillebaelt.

So when their main existing ventilation plant, used for fresh air supply in the most of their class rooms, was worn out and its refurbishing was not economically justified, the management of EUC Lillebaelt turned to our Danish partner ETRECO A/S who replaced the existing ventilation plant with a new hybrid Damvent max.e3-06 (7000m3/h) with integrated heat pump, heat wheel and controls. 

The old plant had a water-based district heating-heater, but without cooling capability. So the client also wanted to have cooling with the new AHU. With the new Damvent max.e3-06 there was no longer need for the piping and the use of hot water as in the old ventilation plant. By using the integrated heat pump, max.e3-06 assures the ventilation of all rooms with conditioned fresh air in the most energy efficient way. The entire existing pipe system in the building was removed and recycled. The replacement was quite simple, even though the building was in operation. The EUC had PV panels on the roof and wanted to take advantage of the surplus energy in the summer. So part of the electricity consumption of the AHU comes from the PV panels, which makes the solution even more energy efficient, thus reducing even more the carbon footprint of the EUC Lillebaelt.

 Main advantages of Damvent's max.e3-06 are:

  • Significantly lower energy consumption for ventilation
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Better and more comfortable indoor climate due to cooling capability
  • Significantly reduced noise level and vibration
  • Increased property value
  • Utilization of the surplus energy from the PV panels

From the table, one can clearly see the large annual energy cost savings (14 725 DKK) EUC Lillebaelt gets by using Damvent max.e3-06, compared to the older ventilation plant.


Compared with a classic ventilation system with additional cooling plants, there is an estimated investment saving of approx. 15% and an annual saving of approx. 4,600 DKK or approx. 22%.

The figures speak for themselves!


[1] Electricity consumption for the circulation pump in heating systems is not included in the calculation.

[2] The saving of electricity from using own solar cells is not included in the calculation.