Why We Are The Leaders

In the following video, we at Damvent will explain why we are the Technology Leader in the premium hybrid integrated solutions for fresh air in the EU.
Why do we think we are The Leader?
We like to think it comes from confidence, but where does it come from? Below are the main reasons which makes us The Leader:

- Back in 2005, we were one of the very first companies in the EU to develop hybrid fresh air solutions with heat recovery and a built-in heat pump for comfort ventilation and working without any additional heating or cooling sources in the temperature range between -15oC up to +35oC.
- We also were one of the first who developed specialized software for the selection of hybrid integrated solutions for fresh air.
- A big step and a huge risk taken, we consciously removed all previous and existing products from our portfolio to focus and dedicate ourselves to be the number one in hybrid integrated solutions for fresh air.
- We are the first company in the EU to develop and introduce to the market with a specialized video, a hybrid integrated solution for fresh air with airflow up to 35,000 m3/h.
- We are the only company to publish all of its reference projects with location, project names, sizes and models of the units, plus the year of production.

Our Reference list makes us the Leader, with close to 1.500 hybrids produced, delivered and commissioned in more than 18 countries in the EU...and outside of it!!!

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