Warranty Terms and Conditions

Damvent LTD guarantees that the quality of your purchase is in accordance with CPA (Consumer Protection Act), BIS(Bulgaria Institute for Standartization) ЕN 60335-1(:1994):2001, BIS ЕN 60335-2-40:2001, Directive 99/44/ЕС, Directive PED 97/23/ЕС and is according to the conditions described below, from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover defects that have occurred as a result of improper maintenance or installation.

Damvent LTD guarantees that this facility has been manufactured in accordance with the European safety requirements and quality standards applicable to the product, as well as that at the time of purchase, there hasn’t been any defects due to faulty material or workmanship defect .While manufacturing, the product has been under various quality checks. If, however, within the 24-month-warranty period a defect in the materials or the workmanship occurs (after a trouble-free delivery, installation and use, as described in the manual), the terms and conditions complied with the warranty will be followed.

The warranty is 24 months from the date of delivery and is valid only on presentation of a legible and properly completed by the client warranty card.

The 24-month-warranty of the facility from the date of delivery applies only when preventive maintenance at the end of the first 12 months on the part of the service specialists of Damvent is performed. The preventive maintenance is paid by the client and in order to be carried out, the client has to complete an ”Order for preventive maintenance”. The deadline for implementation of the application is 30 working days from the date of the receipt.

The“Order for preventive maintenance” can be downloaded or filled in on:

The user is obliged to study carefully the attached to the facility documentation that contains the requirements, recommendations and guidelines, necessary for the implementation of the warranty.
The user is obliged to make sure that the facility contains all the components listed in the attached documents and that it is in an apparently good condition at the time of the purchase.

The warranty does not cover:

1. Parts and consumables, which are the subject of caused by maintenance wear such as:

     - Air filters
     - Belts
     - Steam Dehumidifier – optional

2. Breakages, cracks in the housing, poor maintenance/contamination.
3. Defects, caused by irregular or worn consumables.
4. Defects, which are due to non-observance of the instructions for installation and maintenance, overload, activities, incompatible with the technical specifications of the facility, working in unsuitable environment and conditions.

Warranty service can be refused:

1. When there is a discrepancy between the documents, attached to the facility or when the plate with the serial number has been removed or replaced in any way.
2. When there is a legal attempt by unauthorized people or service centers to eliminate the defect.
3. When the damages are due to external factors, dust, liquids, insects, adverse weather conditions, aggressive environment or when there is not enough attention paid for the facility in accordance with the instructions.
4. When the installation of the facility is indoors (internal to the building) and when there is flooding in the room.
5. When the defect is as a result of a mechanical malfunction, supply network failure, negligence, natural disasters or other reasons beyond the control of the manufacturer or as a result of force majeure circumstances-in this case the responsibility is taken by the client or the insurance company.
6. When the damages are caused during transportation, provided by the customer
7. When upon request by the customer to eliminate the non-compliance in the operation of the facility ,and after a subsequent visit by a service specialist of Damvent LTD, it becomes clear that the non-compliance is due to improper installation ,service and maintenance carried out by the customer ,the installer or any third party-in this case the customer has to pay the costs of the visit and the repair.
8. In case of not returning the signed by the customer protocol for transmitting and receiving of the machinery and equipment

The maximum period for repair by the service specialists of the manufacturer, according to LCP is within 30 working days from the date of the lodgment of the non-compliance. The deadline applies only in cases when delivering spare parts or consumables is not necessary.In case you need a replacement of a component, then the deadline for transmission will be extended with the time of delivery of the relevant component. This period is specified with the customer.

Force majeure circumstances: circumstances or events, representing an objective obstacle, fully dependent on and due to unforeseen or unpredictable events or factors beyond the control or the actions of the parties and therefore not a subject to prevention. For example: all kinds of natural disasters ,typical or not for a specific region ,global or local(with national importance),accidents ,including fire, epidemics, governmental prohibitions(embargo),civil disturbances ,strikes ,riots and all kinds of unrest ,terrorist or military actions ,etc .As a result of such, the normal rhythm of life and respectively the smooth implementation of commitments between two or more parties is violated .In case of force majeure circumstances ,the parties on the concluded agreement are temporarily free from liability for any non-compliance until the force majeure circumstances are eliminated.